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Big Blue Production is one of the best underwater photography and underwater videography companies. We created a dedicated team of professional divers who are in love with the underwater world. Our team covers everything from underwater camera and video production for personal use to commercial contracts, tourism events, film and television contracts.

We are equipped with the latest DSLR cameras and state of the art video production equipment for underwater video and photography production.

We know the best places for taking amazing photographs of the reefs and nature. Our team will take you to secret places and dive with you while taking photographs and making a video of your adventure.

Who we are?

We were established in 1990's as a team of professional divers and photographers. After working on a few documentaries and taking photographs for a brand name magazines, we decided to provide services for all people who love nature, diving and adventure.

Now, our team consists of 2 passionate marine biologists, 4 professional scuba divers, underwater photographers and videographers.

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We provide big range of different services. Most popular are:

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Address: 1458 Reef Road, USA
Telephone: +1-505-555-0163
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